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Canon Recycled Calculator range awarded Staples’ “Product of the Year 2009”

Nov 27, 2009

On 27 Nov 2009, Canon was awarded the “Product of the Year 2009” by Staples at their Annual Summit in Berlin.

Presented by the Vice President of Staples Europe, who on behalf of the senior management team, awarded the trophy to Canon “RECYCLED” calculator range.

Staples AwardThe Vice President of Staples Europe (left) presenting the award to Canon representative (right)

Selected from 37 other consumer brands, sold by Staples throughout Europe, Canon was elected amongst HP, Epson, Samsung, Brother, etc...

The recognition was based on Canon’s innovative approach to calculator design... from the handheld LS-8TCG, right up to the flagship X Mark I.
Since early 2009, these calculators have been extremely well received across the Staples Retail and Catalogue business, and won the hearts and minds of the buyers who feel that the range has made a significant impact on the performance of the category, whilst demonstrating that it is possible to achieve a balance between environmental and business interests.

In addition, Canon also scooped a 2nd award for the best exhibition stand at the Annual Summit – the only manufacturer to win 2 trophies for 2009!