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We are pleased to present one of our High-end products X Mark II

Mar 21, 2013


X Mark II inherits the genes of the X Series and pushed to a new limit. Taken further with the concept ‘Maximum style, Minimum waste’ that intended to synergize design and ecology values into a product. X Mark II evolved into a visibly slimmer and more subtle form.

The signature edgeless keys are now laser engraved, making it more durable and eco-friendly compared with conventional screen printing. The harmoniously curved surfaces and clean cut edges effortlessly bring out minimalistic style and impact on the desk.

Unique design desktop with practical business functions to cater the needs from luxury to office supplies channels.

Bottom case made of durable aluminium for laser engraving with customers’ logo.

Maximum style, Minimum waste

Fully solar powered assures longer life and eliminates battery replacement. Body made with recycled material, so that ecological considerations are also taken into account. With every aspect of a calculator refined; carefully selected design details and processes. The X Mark II is truly captive with originality.