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X Mark II presented with the globally renowned “red dot award: best of the best product design 2013”

Mar 14, 2013

Award-winning design: Canon Electronics Business Machines (H.K.) Co., Ltd. (CEBM thereafter) wins over the jury for the “red dot award: product design 2013” to garner the “best of the best” title!

X Mark II by CEBM filled the 37-member jury of experts for the “red dot award: product design 2013” with enthusiasm. With its X Series, CEBM proved its ultimate design strength in an international comparison. As a well-earned prize, CEBM was awarded the “red dot: best of the best” for its smart and impressive product creation. 4,662 products were entered in the “red dot award: product design 2013”, but only 58 products were given the honour of being considered for the top award in one of the world’s most renowned competitions.

X Mark II made the cut: with the “red dot: best of the best”, it is guaranteed global visibility. Because on 1 July 2013, all eyes of the top names in international design will be focused on Essen, Germany. The red dot gala in the Aalto Theater is always the final highlight of the “red dot award: product design”. Over the past years, the awards ceremony has become established as a celebratory ceremony with international guests. X Mark II will then be put on display during a four-week special exhibition in the red dot design museum.

X Mark II inherits the genes of the X Series and pushed to a new limit. Taken further with the concept ‘Maximum style, Minimum waste’ that intended to synergize design and ecology values into a product. X Mark II evolved into a visibly slimmer and more subtle form. The signature edgeless keys are now laser engraved, making it more durable and eco-friendly compared with conventional screen printing. The harmoniously curved surfaces and clean cut edges effortlessly bring out minimalistic style and impact on the desk. Full solar power assures longer life and eliminates battery replacement. Body made with recycled material, so that ecological considerations are also taken into account. With every aspect of a calculator refined; carefully selected design details and processes. The X Mark II is truly captive with originality.

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot, has pointed out that strong design competence and economic success nowadays go hand in hand: “The winners of the ´red dot award: product design 2013´ are the protagonists of a highly developed design culture and design industry. These days it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between well-designed products. It is often only in the details that the special qualities become apparent. However, those product creations that pass the test before the critical eyes of the international red dot jury will not disappear into the crowd and will be able to fend off global competition.”

The winning products in the red dot design museum

With around 2,000 products spread over an area of more than 4,000 squaremeters, the red dot design museum houses the largest exhibition of contemporary design worldwide. From 2 to 28 July 2013, the museum will host the traditional special exhibition of the award-winning products. In “Design on stage – winners red dot award: product design 2013”, design enthusiasts can marvel at the latest trends at close quarters. Visitors are expressly invited to handle the pieces, allowing them to experience live in the breathtaking atmosphere of the red dot design museum the prize-winning design of X Mark II from CEBM.