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World Water Day

Mar 22, 2012

Canon Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) Co. Ltd. (CEBM) has supported the world Water Day 2012 on 22 March. It urges Hong Kong people to use water wisely and target spending just five minutes in the shower, to save up to 78,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in a year to fight global warming. CEBM Staff received a limited edition sandglass putting the 5-minutes shower into practice and get used of it.

Some water saving tips as below for reducing carbon emissions suggested by the organizer: GREEN POWER, we can start from changing our living habits to reduce waste.

  • 5-minute shower
  • Appropriate bathing method
    • Take shower instead of bath.
    • Use showerhead rated Grade 1 in the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme.
  • Reduce water use
    • Wait until you have a full load for doing laundry.
    • Choose a washing machine with adjustable water level.
    • Use water smart appliances such as water saving faucets, dual-flush cisterns and water efficient washing machine and dishwasher.
    • Do not run water non-stop when brushing teeth, washing hands or shaving.
  • Prevent leakage
    • Close faucets properly and repair immediately if they become loose.
    • Properly maintain water pipes, toilet and tanks to prevent water leakage.
  • Reuse water
    • Washing machine will discharge water two to three times when doing laundry. Wastewater discharged later in the cycle contains few pollutants, and can be used for floor and household cleaning.

Save our earth together, the success would need your continuous support.