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Eco-tour - Bird Watching Hiking Tour 觀鳥行山活動

Mar 17, 2012

Staffs of CEBM participated the Eco-Tour to visit Luk Keng & Tai Mei Tuk on 17 March. Luk Keng, a Hakka village as a rural of Hong Kong, maintains its invaluable natural diversity and green environment. There is well-known for its natural scenery and wildlife, which is a contrast to Hong Kong's modernized culture. Parts of Luk Keng are surrounded by tropical rainforests. Rare animals such as the Nannophya pygmaea and Black-faced Spoonbill have been sighted. After that, staff visited the Strawberry Garden having the experience for harvesting the reddish and juicy strawberry to enjoy farming and natural together.

In order to provide a better environment for our new generation, we should try our best to protect the environment. Otherwise, there will be no more suitable place(s) for farming and the birds will become homeless as no more places to perch. Don’t hesitate to start your green life today to save the earth.

Group photo in Strawberry garden

Snapshots of staff & collection of sceneries