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Recycling Computers & IT Devices to Minimize Environmental Burden

9 January, 2018

Canon Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) Co., Ltd. has participated in the Computer Recycling Programme on 9 January, to prolong the life span of the used computers, notebooks, server and computer accessories.

Under the Computer Recycling Programme, an appointed contractor collected them and brings them to a workshop where they are divided into two groups. Computers and parts that are in working order are handed over to a designated charitable organization for refurbishment and donation to the needy. Malfunctioning units are dismantled by the appointed recycler to recover their useful parts and materials.

Computer recycling helps the environment in three important ways:

• It saves scarce landfill space.
• It avoids damage to the environment and human health, by ensuring harmful materials such as lead are handled properly.
• It enables useful components and materials, such as metals and plastics, to be recovered for re-use and recycling, rather than thrown away.

To align with the environmental goal of the need of reduce, re-use and recycle, the Computer Recycling Programme includes all of these benefits and provides an environmentally sound means to dispose of computer waste.