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Caring Company Logo 2014/2015 – Organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Mar 25, 2015

The Caring Company Partnership Expo 2015 was held on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.  Over 3,400 participants from government departments, business and non-profit organizations have participated in this event.  It enhances the understanding of Caring for the Community, employees and Environment in actions.

Canon Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) Co., Ltd. (CEBM) has been awarded the “10 Years Plus Caring Company Logo” for the 10th consecutive year this year, recognizing its unfailing support to the Caring Company Scheme and its commitment to serve the community of Hong Kong. The Scheme is launched by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 2002 with an aim to cultivate good corporate citizenship and promotion of partnership between the business and social welfare sectors.  The award serves to acknowledge our commitment in “Caring for our Community”, “Caring for our Employees” and “Caring for our Environment” over the past years.