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Canon support on Earth Hour 2014 Campaign

Mar 29, 2014

Earth Hour is the world’s biggest environmental event, mobilizing millions of individuals, communities, business and governments globally to strive for a range of environmental issues, in order to getting a sustainable future. It was held on Saturday March 29 at 8:30 PM (HK time) this year, where most HK famous landmarks will dim their lights for one hour.

Canon Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) Co., Ltd. (CEBM) has been continuously supported the Earth Hour event for the 5th year since 2010.

For us, the action is not only switching off lights in lunch hour or turning off PCs, monitors on the last Friday every month, but also commit to achieve several targets for saving our planet resources.

The target echo messages from CEBM staffs are:
“I give up buying stuff I don’t need.”
“I give up eating unsustainable seafood.”
“’I give up being lazy. Take a walk!”

Moreover, we also held an Earth Hour photo contest with the theme of starry night internally. This photo contest is far more than a symbolic activity; those who joined this contest will be inspired to take further action.

Nowadays, Hong Kong people are consuming 2.6 Earth’s resources (According to the Hong Kong Ecological Footprint Report). So the next question will be: what can we give up today to make tomorrow better?

The Earth Hour 2014 is not just 60 minutes of symbolism, but a new start point of our simple life.

Enjoy Earth Hour together and continuous to practice a low carbon lifestyle everyday!