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Recycling computers & IT devices to minimize environmental burden

September 11, 2013

E-waste is one of the fastest growing types of waste nowadays. Throwing away is the simplest way, but our planet may not be affordable anymore. So why don’t we reuse those e-waste, rather than just end up with landfill or incineration?

Canon Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) Co., Ltd. has participated in the Computer Recycling Programme in this Sep, which donated eighteen (18) Desktops and Servers, thirteen (13) LCD Monitors, and several Mouse and Keyboard. Through the partnership with charitable organizations – Hong Kong Caritas, refurbishing computers are provided to the needy; while the remaining are given to the designated recycling company for dismantling and recycling the useful parts and materials for reuse.

By re-using some of the dismantle parts we reduce wastage. By donating refurbished computers to the deprived people we prolong the life span of computers and helped to bridge the digital divide. Canon put responsibility into practice and helps promote greener living through waste avoidance and recovery. This embodied company goal - to contribute to global prosperity and the well-being of mankind as we continue our efforts to bring the world closer to achieving kyosei.