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Spotlight for X Mark I in the Benelux Office Products Award

Oct 6, 2009

The prestigious BENELUX OFFICE AWARD goes to Canon’s X Mark I in the segment of SOHO products (Small Office Home Office). The X MARK I is recognized by its charming product concept in combining both eco & design. Among a nomination of 44 products, this is the one selected by a panel of jury. The members of the jury come from a variety of companies in the office market which include end-users, dealers and trade-press.


The Benelux Office Products Awards is aimed at emphasizing the innovative force of products in the office market. The Award is widely accepted as a prestigious prize and is still gaining recognition year by year. This is supported by other European countries too.


The Benelux Office Products Awards, presented for the fifth time in 2009, was created as a platform for important innovative products in the Benelux office market. The competition, consisting of eleven categories, is open to all companies. In each category, three nominees are selected. The winning products earn the right to use the WINNER logo and receive the accompanying certificate.





Benelux Office Products AwardBenelux Office Products Award