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Eco-tour - Nam Sang Wai Kadoorie Ecotour

Dec 8, 2012

Canon Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) Co., Ltd. (CEBM) invited its staff together with their family members to join the Eco-Tour to Nam Sang Wai and Kadoorie Farm on 8th December.

As a massive piece of wetland, Nam Sang Wai attracts many kinds of waterbirds to stay over. There are lots of Red River Gums and various species of plants around that bring you close to mother nature and enjoying beautiful surroundings, plants as well as animals at Kadoorie Farm.

In such an event, participants not only enjoyed the splendor of the nature and taking photos of them as their best souvenir of the trip, but also a better understanding of the threats to survival facing many of the plants and animals that saw there. Everybody can help to make a difference everyday through small choices and lifestyle changes. Our small changes can have a big impact to the general health and earth. Let’s working together to give protection to our common future.

Group photo in Kadoorie Farm

Snapshots of staff & collection of sceneries